Shlick Sexual Lubricant 3 x 250ml


Can’t think of a gift for the relies this year? Get super value with our Christmas 2020 stocking fillers. 3 x Shlick 250ml bottles at this incredible price.


Shlick is an ultra low friction water based sexual lubricant. It is perfectly blended for sensitized intimacy and safe for use with condoms and most adult toys including silicone. Designed for uninterrupted vaginal or anal penetration Shlick is virtually fragrant free and low tack for easy clean up.

Sex with a partner or a toy can be frustrating when dryness occurs so Shlick has been specifically formulated to allow frictionless intercourse whilst sensitizing the erogenous bits for strong multiple orgasms.  It only requires a small amount of Shlick to give orgasmic results so the ergonomic pump action dispenser with no spill lock makes the 250ml bottle long lasting and economical.

Use Shlick ultra low friction water based sexual lubricant with all your touch-me favorites.

Always wash toys with antibacterial soaps or recommended cleaners before and after use.



Purified H2O-Glycerin-Propylene Glycol-Hydroxyethyl Cellulose-1-2 Hexandediol 4-Hydroxyacetophenone



250ml spill proof bottles

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