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Homage To The Vibrator

Today the adult toy is an acceptable part of everyday western life even if the act of female masturbation is frowned upon or illegal in some countries. Unfortunately there are many grey areas in many places around the world concerning the subject. However, female masturbation should be looked upon as a free expression of the body and mind. The culmination of a million thoughts and actions.

Eggs Is Eggs

Nobody wants to feel “buyers remorse” after purchasing a product but sometimes its just a consequence of shopping online and a natural one at that. You can’t touch and feel the product so you have to rely on the information in front of you being accurate.

Needs V’s Wants

We all have some degree of virility or muliebrity inside us. Some more than others. But how do those senses and impulses fare over a long period of time with the same partner. In my present and former relationships i remember the “Honeymoon Period” only too well. Sex, anytime anywhere. Food tasted special. Waking up in the morning with a sense of euphoria.

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